Window and Doors

The Aluk Aluminium Window and Door Systems available at D Glass.


This exceptional three chambered system offers high performance features in design, durability, thermal and security performance.

The system has been designed to be fully adaptable from the most demanding bespoke projects to the project that requires simplicity and contempory design.

This window incorporates patented Thermal Spidertechnology ABS strips...


This system has all the thermal, security our clients could demand from the system. This system has design flexibility designed in, it is available in soft line, flush and picture frame options, alongside a number of bead design options.

The glazing options for this system are also extremely flexable from 25mm to 65mm.

The Aluk Optio 58BW Aluminium Window & Door System:

This system is the preferred choice for specifiers and designers looking for high performance, and quality and is a cost effective solution for their clients projects.

This system is availiable in a range of options from 58mm depth to 70mm.

This system is the ideal option for larger scale projects

Optio 58BW Casement Windows: Learn more.......

Optio 58BW Top Swing Reversable Window: Learn more....

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Optio 58BD Entrance Door: Learn more........

The Aluk Optio 58BW ST Steel Replacement Window System:

This system is designed to be the ideal design solution for those clients wanting to replace existing steel windows or design in the traditional steel look on new projects.

Ther system is available with a number of glazing options, both thermal and of course acoustic, making this the ideal system for city or retro development.

Optio 58BW Steel Replacement Windows: Learn more..........

The Aluk 771 Window System:

The Aluk 771 Window System is the latest system introduced to our clients, it is designed to meet the most demanding British and European standards including thermal, weather and security.

This system has been designed to be one of the best performing systems available today, meeting the requirements of the most exacting designers and specifiers.

Aluk Aluminium Window & Door Systems:

Aluk is at the fore front of innovation and advances in aluminium fenestration technology.

D Glass in partnership with Aluk can design, produce, install some of the most leading edge fenitration products availiable to our clients today.